Who are you?

Boys and I a few years back, posing with our Siesta Key Snowman of the Florida Christmas sunshine.  Why?  Because it is Christmas, and the Florida sun has not warmed my Canadian roots up quite yet!

Where, Who, What and Why

“Who are you?” is both the easiest and hardest to ask oneself. You can tell me your name, your job, introduce me to your family, even tell me about your strange and interesting hobbies.  But can you articulate what makes you you?  Your purpose, your life-mission?  Can you describe what really makes you happy?

This was the core question of myself following my divorce.  For so long I had based my own happiness on the happiness of others.  My dreams on their dreams.  When that wasn’t there any more I was left pondering what life was all about.

I found my center which grounded me.  Yet, each day I am learning more about myself.  The things I like, and the things I don’t, and the things I thought I would like but find provide no value.  I can now see that emptiness when things are not right and I know when I am not aligned with my purpose.

In some ways it is a never ending quest, as change is constant.  But it is a start.

“A person who doesn’t know what the universe is, doesn’t know where they are.  A person who doesn’t know their purpose in life doesn’t know who they are or what the universe is. A person who doesn’t know any one of these things doesn’t know why they are here.  So what to make of people who seek or avoid the praise of those who have knowledge of where or who they are?
— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 8.52

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