Feb 9th – You don’t have to have an opinion

This is another area I know that I need to work on.  So often I have an opinion on products, situation, and experiences – even when they are not mine.  While they often come from a place of good intention and empathetic desire, my opinions don’t often help and are sometimes quite short sighted.  My editorial reflection on things is often filled with emotion even when I try to suppress it.  The opinion breaches that boundary between fact and perception.

That is not to say that opinions are a bad thing, they are the foundation behind our passions.  Your opinions often reflect you, expressing your likes and your dislikes.  However, just as you can be extremely passionate about some things, it is completely reasonable to have no opinions on things that do not impact your life.

The trick is to learn to be supportive without having an opinion, allows you to stay emotionally detached.


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