The Daily Stoic Book

The Daily Stoic

by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

366 days of Stoic Meditations

I have come across stoic sentiments throughout the last few years as I have sought to rebuild myself following my divorce.  I first came across Ryan’s work in his book “Ego is the Enemy”, which I followed up with “The Obstacle is the Way”.  However, I have heard mention of Marcus Aurelius and his meditations throughout my self-help journey. This past year I have started paying more attention to the stoic teachings, seeing how they apply so directly to life and happiness.

It is in that frame of mind I have set out on a more intentional journey into a stoic way of life.  As with everything, it begins with action, so I picked up Ryans’ book “The Daily Stoic” and plan to journal on this blog throughout the year.  I am hoping it can lead to further discussion and insight into the stoic way of life.

Join me as in this journey of Being Stoic.

Quick Disclaimer

This is purely a personal, but public, journal as I traverse the pages of The Daily Stoic in hopes of learning, observing, and creating a conversation around these topics.  I may reference for purpose of following the daily journal, but the work within is mine alone.  I am also not affiliated with the book, The Daily Stoic, in any way nor receiving any affiliate or payment from its usage on this site.  In addition, Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman are not involved or part of this personal project in any form, though I very much appreciate their works.  I would encourage everyone to pick up this book, as well as Ryan’s other books.  

Visit dailystoic.com for more on stoicism and Ryan Holiday’s other works.