366 Days of Stoic Meditations

The Daily Stoic Book
by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

366 days of stoic meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living

I first read “Ego is the Enemy” back in 2017 and it was critical for me growth in 2018, but I was in a very different space that I am today.  This year I read another of Ryan’s works, “The Obstacle is the Way”.  With my first introduction back in 2017, and then this year’s reading combined with  his “Daily Stoic” podcast I started seeing, learning, and trying to adopt more of the stoic practices in my everyday life.

As a gift to myself this Christmas I picked up The Daily Stoic.  As I sat down to read it, I discovered it was geared around a meditation per day (366 days when including leap years) and while not necessary each meditation is tied to a date.  That gave me an idea as we start the new year to start a discussion each day.  Using the days meditation, we can look at the meaning and discuss how it applies to our daily lives.  So I invite you to my digital porch, and we will see where this crazy adventure will take us.


Join me as I enter this journey into stoicism, lets see what we can learn together!


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